UAN Solutions

What is a Universal Access Number (UAN)?

FAST UAN is a Virtual Number resource that allows a service or business with several termination of various incoming phone lines to be reached through a unique universal number 111-XXX-XXX. A UAN number will be dialable from the entire Pakistan PTCL - NTC & Mobile Netowrks Connections, based on the applicant’s proposed coverage without dialing the area code. Each service provider who allows UAN through its network shall offer a tariff, which is not more expensive than the normal tariff available for a similar non-UAN public service.

FAST Universal Access Number (UAN) service is specially designed to cater for such diversified needs of organizations and groups. Through our UAN service, the customer can subscribe and have different telephone lines in different places. These lines can be accessed via single unique Universal telephone number. The system will translate the UAN number to a specified corresponding Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) number according to the area of caller & calling time to connect call accordingly.


• UAN makes it easier for customers to remember you by dialing a simple number
• A quick and easy access to make queries and complaints that increases customer satisfaction
• Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of doing business by phone because it is time saving and both convenient and cost-saving

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