Branded SMS Services

FAST Branded SMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for business concerns that require making regular contact with customers and staff. It is the simplest way to access their direct or indirect associates without any restrictions on the number of intended recipients.

FAST Branded SMS are messages send via brand names, which people find reliable and authentic. With an state of art technology we have created web interface, very much similar to your email account, where you can login from any part of the globe to manage your SMS services.

English SMS = 160 Character (1 SMS)
Urdu SMS = 70 Character (1 SMS)

FAST Branded SMS enables reader to trust the content of your SMS. In other words, we call this "SMS on letter head". The response rate of branded sms is way far better than sms from ordinary number. Since this type of sms is generated with SMS gateway and direct connectivity with Teleco SMSC the speed is generally very good i.e. 20 - 30 SMS per second compared with 8 SMS per minute from normal sim.

FAST Branded SMS generally better suits for commercial organization where reliability of the content really matters. Second most important reason to use branded sms is? It’s not forward able i.e. if you receive sms from the header "FAST" and you forward that sms to someone with or without any change, the sms will be forwarded from your number instead of “SMS” header.


• All Pakistan GSM and CDMA coverage
• Globally managed password protected web access
• Fixed Sender ID or Brand Name (Maximum 11 Characters)
• Great broadcasting speed
• SMS scheduling with date and time
• You can send 160 characters per sms
• Convenient online address book to store mobile numbers
• Quick and most effective way to reach your target audience
• Online delivery status report
• Track the history of Bulk SMS sent
• No Hardware/Software required
• Schedule messages. A very good feature for bulk sms promotion campaigns
• Manage contacts and groups
• Free Phone and Email support
• No hidden costs
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